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Full of joy, excitement and happiness.
We love ’em.

Following a bunch of freshly qualified young men around Leeds University at their Conferment is challenging and full of twists and turns. With hundreds of other graduates to navigate around and their friends, families and loved ones all vying for photographic space we’re pushed to the limits to get our work done.
But with some gentle coaxing and persuading we manage to get enough to fulfil our task for the day and after a tough half a day on campus we’re happy with what we got in the bag.

Thank you guys for letting us photograph your very special day.



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Graduate in your family with honours. Your Mum & Dad will love it!


Even if you’ve missed the university photographer, you’ve still a chance to make your parents proud after the ceremony with a home shoot that’s sure to make ’em smile.
Grab yourself some bonus points and book a home shoot with your gown and mortar. It’s cheaper than the official flash, bang, wallop and you’ll have a selection of smug shots to use as gifts right through to Christmas. It’s gotta be worth a shot.

Graduation portraits. Get ’em while you can.



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Graduate.. are you ready..

.. to make your family proud?


Such a great moment, a fabulous feeling and what better way than having your family celebrate your achievement by showing their pride and joy in a home photoshoot.
It’s easy and we make it all happen in the comfort of your own home.
We bring the gear, you bring the smiles.. so simple.

So nice to see so many happy faces.


Graduation Portraits

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It’s that time of year again where all you smart people are enjoying the feeling of being the centre of attention and we totally agree, after all that hard work this should be something you should be proud of and something to shout about.
What better way to make your parents grin with pride than a Graduation Portrait for them to show off to all the family.

We’ve a brilliant alternative to the “on the day” snapshot and all you need is your gown and mortar board and we’ll bring the studio.

For less than the cost of the University’s official photographer, you can have your very own studio session in the comfort of your own home and strike your very best poses that’ll guarantee tears (happy ones) in your parents eyes.

graduation portraits at home

Go on.. make mum cry

Graduation Portraits 0784 3099903


Graduations, Black tie n’all

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Graduations eh?

In reality it’s just an excuse for a party with everyone who you’ve worked alongside for the past year and an opportunity to dress up and boogie all night long.
Well these guys certainly did that.

Congrats to everyone studying dental hygiene at uni and may I say you all looked absolutely gorgeous on your night out at Weetwood Hall.
We loved taking your photographs and we laughed so much at your antics in front of our cameras, what a blast!

You strutted your stuff, posed and pouted and kept coming back for more all night long. Your photos are online and we’re lovin’ ’em.


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