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Event photography for all occasions

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Event Photography

New year new prices for Event Photography.

Just to let everyone know that after this week our prices will change and time is running out if you want to save yourself some money.

Our event photo studio package is a fabulous way to let your guests have some fun and games in our mobile studio at your party, your company event or your wedding evening celebrations.
We’ve kept our prices as low as possible over the years so you’re still getting great value for money and great pictures to walk away with too! Anyone thinking of booking us for an event can still contact us this week and we’ll give you last years price of £250 if you confirm your booking with a small deposit to secure your date.

Call or email for details
(Better hurry if you want to grab yourself a bargain!)

Red Carpet

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Red carpet event requirements:

  1. red carpet (obviously)
  2. superstars/models/divas/actors/dancers/directors/film makers/cast/production crew/script writers/agents and anyone else who wants to be in the shot
  3. a suitable venue
  4. a photographer
  5. a smile

Apart from that just expect to be the centre of attention as you walk down the carpet to take your seat at the premier.

A huge thank you to the Pauline Quirke Academy of Leeds for allowing us to cover their first ever screening of the fabulous work they and their students have produced. A true Hollywood event – you’re all absolutely fabulous!

red carpet

Family Events

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Family events eh?

What would we do without our friends and families when it comes to birthdays and other celebration times?
So while you’re all all tucking in to pastries and sipping your glass of wine toasting the birthday girl why not hire a photographer to capture all the action on the day?

Doesn’t have to be lavish, doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to have a bunch of people having a good time and smiling for our cameras. We’ll do the rest.

swing when you're partying

Book a professional photographer and keep those moments special.

Call us for a quote and we’ll make you smile. Promise.

Birthday eh?.. somebody’s gonna get cake!

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When the whole family turn up for a celebration birthday party armed to the teeth with bucket loads of food, arm loads of plates, shed loads of drink, a stupendous cake and even fancy table decorations you know it’s gonna be a great night!
Give everyone a drink, add a pinch of Bollywood music and get ready for the star guest to walk in.. everyone shush.. no ssshhhhhh!!


Happy birthday Jenish – hope you had a fab 30th. We have a few photo’s for you to remind you of your night coming your way soon.


So much cake, what a night 🙂


Birthday celebration photography

Party like it’s 2016

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New Year Party Photography


We ended the year with an all out party snapping night filled with happy faces and lot’s n lot’s of feathers everywhere! We had a whole conga line of people threading their way into our full length photobooth and everyone had a chance to grab a fab memory before the bells rang out the old and everyone cheered in the new year.
Thanks to everyone who made our year so eventful, we’ve loved every minute.

Here’s a very Happy New Year to everyone, we hope you have a fantastic 2016 and come back to photochaps for even more fun filled photos soon.

Birthday Party

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Grab a boa, put on some shades, find yourself some headgear and get yourself in the spotlight. It’s time to strut your stuff.

Our lights, our backdrops and our expertise will make sure your party photography is top class.
Pose, click, flash.. simple!

Bigger, better and cheaper than your squeezy photobooth. We guarantee quality images that’ll knock your socks off.
Digital images or instant prints, we’ve got it all.

Happy Birthday.

event photographyphotobooth

Party Time

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Party Photography

Party Photos are getting better!

If you’re happy with your phone for snapping the office party then you won’t want to read this.
We don’t do snaps. We like our photos bright. We like ’em fun. We like you to shine. We love to see you having a good time.

Forget the mistletoe and wine, pull on your best sparkly dress, grab your heels and step out in front of the lights for a truly memorable party shot.

If you’re in charge of organising your office party then just check us out if you’re looking for something extra to give your event a kick.
We’ll beat the pants off any run-of-the-mill photobooth with our full length mobile photography studio right there for your guests to enjoy.

Full length shots (space permitting)
Professional lighting
Digital or prints you choose (yes you can have both)
All images available from your event.
Very competitive pricing compared to photobooths.
Superb quality
Adds a fun level of entertainment to your event for your guests to enjoy.

What more can we say?

C’mon.. you know you want to.

Graduations, Black tie n’all

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Graduations eh?

In reality it’s just an excuse for a party with everyone who you’ve worked alongside for the past year and an opportunity to dress up and boogie all night long.
Well these guys certainly did that.

Congrats to everyone studying dental hygiene at uni and may I say you all looked absolutely gorgeous on your night out at Weetwood Hall.
We loved taking your photographs and we laughed so much at your antics in front of our cameras, what a blast!

You strutted your stuff, posed and pouted and kept coming back for more all night long. Your photos are online and we’re lovin’ ’em.


graduation event photography

Ey up! Tour de Yorkshire.

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Some from the weekend.
More can be seen in our galleries here 

Jens Voigt leads through Otley

Jens Voigt leads through Otley (and gets crowned “King of the Mountains” later. Yay!)

Jens again

Jens again

How many spare tyres do you need??

How many spare tyres do you need??

Sky point the way

Sky point the way

Bon Chance pour le Tour

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Just sayin’.. Lot’s of luck to the Trek Factory Team for tomorrows Stage 1. Tour de France

Fabian Cancellara gets close

Fabian Cancellara gets close

Fab snaps us

Fab snaps us

More than I make in a year!

More than I make in a year!

Andy SchleckFrank SchleckDanny van PoppelJens VoigtJens “King of the Mountain” on Stage 1Team Trek