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Wedding Day.. Ta Da!

August 6th, 2018|Categories: weddings|Tags: , , , |

Wedding Day

Wedding Day.. tick
Church.. tick
Groom.. tick
Guests.. tick
Rings.. tick
Vows.. tick
Married.. TICK!

Ta Da! Done it! Time to celebrate.

Congrats Lisa and Jonny. What a fabulous family you make (with Mia of course)

A super day with fantastic weather, what could be better?
We’d like to thank everybody for.. well.. being our models and taking the time to join in with their wedding day photographs, it makes all the difference and we’re so glad you all smiled for our cameras.

For a quick view of what happened have a look here

loving it


December 26th, 2017|Categories: baby, Christmas, Gifts, Photo Presents, portraits|Tags: , , |

Christmas Presents! Woo Hoo! We love Christmas for all the wonderful things that happen at this time of year. All the family around to enjoy the festivities means lot’s and lot’s of wrapping paper to rip off those beautiful presents. Giving gifts to loved ones is a fabulous feeling, with big beaming smiles on everyone’s face to make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Mmmmm.. nothing better.

We love this one.. what’s not to smile about? Everyone say “Aw..”

Happy Christmas to you, we hope everyone has a smile on their face.

Christmas Presents

December 1st, 2017|Categories: business, Company, Corporate, portraits|Tags: , , , , , |

working overtime

Who’d have though working overtime would have been such good fun?

Here’s a group of people with the necessary skills to get things done.

Go to work
Finish work
Comb hair, apply makeup, change into corporate T-shirt
Grab a glass of fizzy or crack open a bottle of beer
Step in front of the cameras and just go for it!
Laugh at your pictures, re-shoot, have another drink, get more pics, laugh at everything.
Finish the nibbles then head out on the town for a great night out.

Now THAT’s a photoshoot.

My job is ACE!

Thank you guys for letting me into your offices and grabbing a snapshot of the real you. What a fab, vibrant lot you are. You made me smile.

If you and your company want real, happy faces on your website, all you have to do is call 0784 3099903 and book a session. We’ll do the rest.
All we need is some office space to set up our lights and backdrops and you just have to bring your best smile. Heck.. it’s up to you if you make it into a party.

Christmas Photography

October 10th, 2017|Categories: Christmas, events|Tags: , , , , , |

Christmas photography for allChristmas photography for all
Christmas photography !

Christmas is coming and for many that means a time to get together with work colleagues, friends or family and celebrate the season.

Office party or awesome party.. how are you gonna remember it? With great photos of course!

Big grin. Put down your Gin. Pick a spot. Great shot!

We’ll bring a complete studio with us and all you have to do is step up and strike a pose. Easy Peasy!

We’ll make sure your event is memorable.

Call 0784 3099903 or email to get your party started!

Studio lighting, full height backdrop, props, cameras, real time viewing station, 9″ x 6″ printing on the night, online gallery (password if required) and all of your photos supplied digitally processed to your requirements!

It’s the absolute bees knees in event photography!

Why on earth would you pay double this price for a photobooth? C’mon!