Wedding Day.. Ta Da!

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Wedding Day

Wedding Day.. tick
Church.. tick
Groom.. tick
Guests.. tick
Rings.. tick
Vows.. tick
Married.. TICK!

Ta Da! Done it! Time to celebrate.

Congrats Lisa and Jonny. What a fabulous family you make (with Mia of course)

A super day with fantastic weather, what could be better?
We’d like to thank everybody for.. well.. being our models and taking the time to join in with their wedding day photographs, it makes all the difference and we’re so glad you all smiled for our cameras.

For a quick view of what happened have a look here

loving it


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She’s getting hitched no matter the weather.
Rain and wind? Pfff..! Nothing is gonna put a damper on this day! So hoik up your skirts and get going girl.

Rain? Check!
Gale force winds? Yep!
Wind chill 4 degrees C? Uhuh!
Mud? Oh yeah!
Brambles? Yow!

I’m no sprinter, but even I have to applaud Shona’s race around the lake and back inside as a new record in wedding photography Olympic events.
She was back in the warmth, a drink in one hand and a dress full of stones, mud, leaves, brambles and twigs as a kind of reward for netting everything between Bagden Hall and the lake in her lace folds, before I fell through the door huffing and puffing with my cameras way behind her. Flippin ‘eck!

Still.. it was a cracking day! Inside and out.


Hitched.. what a beauty .

Mrs & Mr ๐Ÿ™‚

Hitched.. lucky guy!

Thank you so much guys! We loved being there and are so proud to have been able to capture your day and give you some fabulous memories to look back on.
It was a pleasure to spend the whole day with you and your family, you made our job so much fun.

We’re so happy you’re finally hitched and together.

You Rock!



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.. it’s all about attitude.
Doesn’t matter what the subject is, doesn’t matter who’s in the photograph, but it does matter that everyone is having an amazing time!

More importantly, it needs to be captured. It needs to be shown, It needs to be enjoyed!

C’mon and celebrate! What an awesome moment.


update: click here to flick through their albumย 

Boys just wanna have fun

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Boys will be boys. Especially at weddings.

Who can blame them especially when a camera is present and there’s been a few drinks involved. The urge to do their thing takes over and with very little prompting you suddenly find yourself with more than willing models for an all boy line up.

With the importantย stuff done with, paperwork all signed and guests all back from the church, most of the family and friends can now relax and enjoy the rest of the day while we’re busy jumping around the grounds and making memorable malarkey which may or may not make it into the wedding album, but who cares.. we’re having fun.

Congratulations to Rob and his new wife Vicky. See you soon.

boys just wanna have fun


Weddings Really Make Us Happy

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Weddings really make us happy.
They make us smile and feel all gooey inside.
Couldn’t have asked for a better day for this one.
Fabulous people, fun to be around.
Couldn’t have been a nicer couple.

Congrats Tim & Debbie

weddings really make us happy


What a fabulous day we had with you guys from start to finish, we really loved being with you on your very special occasion ย (and can we say your evening studio session was a blast! We haven’t stopped smiling since.)
We’re working hard on your photos and looking forward to getting together after you return from your honeymoon and going through the tons of photos we took on the day. Have a great time, see you soon.



Weddings.. who cares about the weather?

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Weddings in November.. you just know getting your guests outside and asking them to smile for the camera isn’t going to be popular is it?

A new Guinness record was made today for our group shot outside the Holiday Inn on Kingston upon Hull’s marina. I believe we had 55 people all trying to find shelter under a leafless tree to escape the biting wind and rain and by the time I’d taken the shot from a balcony and returned downstairs they we’re all back indoors and at the bar. Couldn’t have been more than a minute. Well done guys.

Anyways we found a corner..

weddings in the warmth

Hot Wedding!

Done it! Sharon & Martin get hitched.

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Congratulations Sharon & Martin!

Fab day in Leeds with you guys.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Couldn’t stop grinning all day long. What a smashing couple you make. We wish you the very best in life, love and happiness. Long may it last.

Can’t wait to show you the crazy stuff we shot at the Crowne Plaza, you’re just nuts ๐Ÿ™‚


Have a great time together relaxing after all that hard work planning your wedding day and we’ll get together soon to go through your photos.


Tired.. long day.. but just before I go to sleep..

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I have to say.. what a fabulous day we had at Ann & Pete’s wedding.

Rain, sun, wind, hailstones-the-size-of-marrowfat-peas! ..and still we got some fab photos.

Wonderful location and a fantastic crowd. We enjoyed every minute.
Thank you guys for inviting us. Thanks to everyone for providing us with much mirth, and most of all a whopping big cheer to you all for making our job so much easier (though it was tough watching you all drink while we worked!)

Brilliant people. Really made us grin ๐Ÿ™‚

Ann & Pete

… especially when you get photobombed! Nice one Dave ๐Ÿ™‚