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Lifestyle choices for product photography

Lifestyle choices for product photography will leave your customers with a great impression!

When it comes to showing off your products it’s often a good idea to keep things natural and let the viewer see the whole picture. Give your customers a glimpse of what to expect when they buy your goods and choose a lifestyle shoot to showcase your products.
Technical pictures are great for detail and information but a bigger picture of your product in use will give greater contact with your viewers and put things into context. Consider a lifestyle shoot and get up close and personal, your customers will love it.

Shoots don’t have to be studio based or with expensive models and as a result many sellers can get great results in their own offices, warehouses or even homes. Our location lighting can be set up anywhere for perfect results which means your items are displayed in “real” situations with clear indications of how your products are used and seen. A perfect way to get into your buyers head.

If you sell online and are looking for something extra special, why not give us a call and have a chat about your ideas. We might even put you in the picture.

Now that’s a wrap!

Product photography for grown ups.

Products look good

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Guess what we’ve been doing this week?
Give you a clue.. SPOONS.
No not Wetherspoons (well.. partly) but actual products with er.. actual spoons in there.

Our product shoot brief was fairly simple.. come along with all the lights and backdrops, set up a hi-key infinity curve and shoot whatever we put there.

So we did.

product photography leeds


Well you gotta admit it was colourful.

Don’t shoot the designer, shoot the product

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..and so I did.

I was invited to shoot some designs from a new collection that would be used in a new portfolio. Little did I know how much tea and biscuits would be involved.
I just about made it home before my bladder exploded.
Great day! Thank you Kat.

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