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Headshot Hotshot

Headshot.. boom!

More and more businesses are dealing with an online presence so it’s important to show everyone who they’re dealing with.
A professional photo is a must, you want your clients to see who is doing business with them. Start with a face. Everyone likes a face.

Studio quality headshots are easily shot with the right equipment and know how. They don’t even need to be in a studio! Heck, in the space of your office or even your living room you too can get yourself in the frame and have great profile images for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Skype or your own website.

Get noticed. Get smart. Get a professional portrait.

It only takes a minute girl..

Staff Photography

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Large or small business? We provide all of your staff photography whatever the number and with no limit to the number of poses you can be sure of finding the right image for your needs.

Staff Photography

All images produced on your premises with minimal fuss and disruption to your working day.
Our studio comes to your office or home and solves your problem of having your staff take time out of the office to get the look you want in the most efficient way we can think of.

Sound good?

Go on.. let us shoot your staff.


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Focus on who you are and you’ll find people are already looking for you.
Google might be the bees knees at searching for what you’re looking for with all that key-wording and fancy search algorithms but there’s no better way to make sure your audience know they’ve found you than a great big smiling face to greet them on their results page.

Being “on-line” and getting found is big business.

Being seen is even bigger!

Get yourself photographed now! A face to greet your guests is so much better than pages of endless words and adds. Once your searchers know who they’re dealing with, they’ll spend more time listening to what you have to say. That’s gotta be good business.

Let everyone find out who you are. Create your online identity. Call us and arrange a portrait shoot and we’ll soon have you known.

Identity. Get yours!
  • photoshoot to produce a selection of profile images for promotional use for business, online and in print. No studios were harmed in the making of these images.