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Event Photography

New year new prices for Event Photography.

Just to let everyone know that after this week our prices will change and time is running out if you want to save yourself some money.

Our event photo studio package is a fabulous way to let your guests have some fun and games in our mobile studio at your party, your company event or your wedding evening celebrations.
We’ve kept our prices as low as possible over the years so you’re still getting great value for money and great pictures to walk away with too! Anyone thinking of booking us for an event can still contact us this week and we’ll give you last years price of £250 if you confirm your booking with a small deposit to secure your date.

Call or email for details
(Better hurry if you want to grab yourself a bargain!)

Christmas Photography

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Christmas photography for allChristmas photography for all
Christmas photography !

Christmas is coming and for many that means a time to get together with work colleagues, friends or family and celebrate the season.

Office party or awesome party.. how are you gonna remember it? With great photos of course!

Big grin. Put down your Gin. Pick a spot. Great shot!

We’ll bring a complete studio with us and all you have to do is step up and strike a pose. Easy Peasy!

We’ll make sure your event is memorable.

Call 0784 3099903 or email to get your party started!

Studio lighting, full height backdrop, props, cameras, real time viewing station, 9″ x 6″ printing on the night, online gallery (password if required) and all of your photos supplied digitally processed to your requirements!

It’s the absolute bees knees in event photography!

Why on earth would you pay double this price for a photobooth? C’mon!


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Oh Baby.. You’ve got it.

Since the moment you showed me your cup of Cheerio’s I knew you were star material.
You came up to the camera and made me focus, stopped me in my tracks and drew me into your eyes. Wow!

Models. They don’t grow on trees you know. You have to go through the training, put the effort in, work at it. You can’t just strut up and expect it all to just.. well.. happen! There’s a ton of stuff to learn –  Poise, composure, attitude, eye contact, confidence and STUFF! OK?

When I say “fold your arms”.. and you do it..

When I say “Look into the lens”.. and you do it..

When you grab a cushion and prop yourself on the table and tell me to shoot.. I DO IT!



Not bad Isla.. not bad.

We’ll work on that a little and maybe, just maybe you’ll have a future in the industry.

Just sayin’


Give me a break

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Another cake smash? Really? Give me a break!

Give me a break


There seems to be a demand for cake around here and it’s creating quite a stir amongst us 1 year old’s.
I mean.. we’re getting a little bit confused about it all.
One minute we’re told – no.. just a little. No.. no more. NO! Stop now!
Next we’re being told – Go On.. grab as much as you can, get in there!
Well, what do we do?

I’ve seen the cutie photos online. The ones with the fake background and balloons all around. Yeah.. they’re great. That’s not me. I know I’m supposed to look good while I’m being naughty. I can do that, but I’m not gonna. Whadya take me for?
If someone just thrusts a whopping great cake in front of me and wants me to have a go at the good stuff, then be prepared for carnage. I can really do THAT!


Unfortunately for this little lady, we can’t show the video we shot of this occasion. It wouldn’t be nice. Not nice at all. Too much mayhem. Too much violence to cake.
So much destruction and demolition. The poor white chocolate had no chance. Cracked, whacked, smacked and split like a.. er.. white chocolate cake should be. That cake had it coming. It really was a smash and grab. Those multi-coloured smarties inside never stood a chance. Gobbled in a few moments. A real mess.

We have the evidence. We have the footage. It will never be released for public viewing. There are some things we must keep private. Some things that aren’t meant for general release. These things are best kept for family viewing, private.. home stuff.. happy stuff.. fun stuff.
We hope that in future years you too will have to endure enjoy those moments when fully grown, sitting down with your family or perhaps a future partner and reliving the day through our video, when you were made to smash cake.

Cute? Ha!



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Cake.. smashing!

Well, what else do you suggest we do with it.. eat it? Hmmm…?

cake smash

Imagine if mum and dad plonk you down in front of your very own creamy dream sponge and encourage you to dive right in and do your best to demolish (devour) said cake.
Wouldn’t that be smashing? It sure would. Can’t think of a better way to spend a sunny afternoon with the family.

Here’s our recipe for your very own cake smash.

  1. Find a safe place preferably with easy clean surface  – this is gonna get messy – gardens or kitchen floors are a good start
  2. Use easy clean wipe down vinyl or plastic throw away sheets – you won’t regret it
  3. Undress and prepare at least one baby – don’t worry they’re washable
  4. Obtain one very soft, very creamy, very squishable confection – the creamier the better
  5. Place all ingredients together and stand back behind the photographer – be ready to duck when the sponge mix comes your way
  6. Shout, wave your arms and generally act like a total idiot to encourage the carnage that no doubt will occur
  7. If you have other small prepared participants throw them into the pot and persuade them to get creative, especially with the cream ingredient.
  8. Laugh a lot (obligatory)
  9. Get the hose ready (also obligatory)
  10. Enjoy those moments and make sure you get lots and lots of pictures for the family album.

Gotta love cake!

Family selfies

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Taking family selfies certainly adds variety to your portfolio.
But when there’s a 68 year gap between new and old it’s gotta be worth the effort.

My past, my present, my happiness, my life.. this is my blood. I love them all. I’m so glad we could do this.

The Chapmans.. so far.

family photos

Ladies.. it’s your turn next. Get ready.



Graduation Portraits

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It’s that time of year again where all you smart people are enjoying the feeling of being the centre of attention and we totally agree, after all that hard work this should be something you should be proud of and something to shout about.
What better way to make your parents grin with pride than a Graduation Portrait for them to show off to all the family.

We’ve a brilliant alternative to the “on the day” snapshot and all you need is your gown and mortar board and we’ll bring the studio.

For less than the cost of the University’s official photographer, you can have your very own studio session in the comfort of your own home and strike your very best poses that’ll guarantee tears (happy ones) in your parents eyes.

graduation portraits at home

Go on.. make mum cry

Graduation Portraits 0784 3099903


Red Carpet

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Red carpet event requirements:

  1. red carpet (obviously)
  2. superstars/models/divas/actors/dancers/directors/film makers/cast/production crew/script writers/agents and anyone else who wants to be in the shot
  3. a suitable venue
  4. a photographer
  5. a smile

Apart from that just expect to be the centre of attention as you walk down the carpet to take your seat at the premier.

A huge thank you to the Pauline Quirke Academy of Leeds for allowing us to cover their first ever screening of the fabulous work they and their students have produced. A true Hollywood event – you’re all absolutely fabulous!

red carpet

Weddings Really Make Us Happy

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Weddings really make us happy.
They make us smile and feel all gooey inside.
Couldn’t have asked for a better day for this one.
Fabulous people, fun to be around.
Couldn’t have been a nicer couple.

Congrats Tim & Debbie

weddings really make us happy


What a fabulous day we had with you guys from start to finish, we really loved being with you on your very special occasion  (and can we say your evening studio session was a blast! We haven’t stopped smiling since.)
We’re working hard on your photos and looking forward to getting together after you return from your honeymoon and going through the tons of photos we took on the day. Have a great time, see you soon.



Family Events

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Family events eh?

What would we do without our friends and families when it comes to birthdays and other celebration times?
So while you’re all all tucking in to pastries and sipping your glass of wine toasting the birthday girl why not hire a photographer to capture all the action on the day?

Doesn’t have to be lavish, doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to have a bunch of people having a good time and smiling for our cameras. We’ll do the rest.

swing when you're partying

Book a professional photographer and keep those moments special.

Call us for a quote and we’ll make you smile. Promise.