Lifestyle choice

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Lifestyle choices for product photography

Lifestyle choices for product photography will leave your customers with a great impression!

When it comes to showing off your products it’s often a good idea to keep things natural and let the viewer see the whole picture. Give your customers a glimpse of what to expect when they buy your goods and choose a lifestyle shoot to showcase your products.
Technical pictures are great for detail and information but a bigger picture of your product in use will give greater contact with your viewers and put things into context. Consider a lifestyle shoot and get up close and personal, your customers will love it.

Shoots don’t have to be studio based or with expensive models and as a result many sellers can get great results in their own offices, warehouses or even homes. Our location lighting can be set up anywhere for perfect results which means your items are displayed in “real” situations with clear indications of how your products are used and seen. A perfect way to get into your buyers head.

If you sell online and are looking for something extra special, why not give us a call and have a chat about your ideas. We might even put you in the picture.

Now that’s a wrap!

Product photography for grown ups.

Products and photographers

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Products and photographers

Products and photographers go together well in advertising. Use a blend of essential product information mixed with enticing descriptive narrative finished off with visual presentation showcasing your goods in such a way that your potential customers are in no doubt about what they’re buying from you, and Bob’s yer uncle.  A co-operative that’s worked well since.. well.. since selling was invented! Let’s face it images sell!

Search for any product online and you no doubt start by typing a description of what you are looking for but your expectations are almost always going to be visual – i.e. how does it look? You’re gonna need good images. There’s no way you’ll sell with just words on a screen. No taste, touch, smell or sound but a darn good image will really wow your customers.

Getting your stock photographed and ready for online viewing is essential if you want to stay ahead of the game and with online shopping racing ahead of the high street retailers it’s essential you stay in front of the competition. Your business needs to be seen so get your act together, pick up the phone and dial 0784 3099903 and put your stuff in front of our cameras.

Go on.. get noticed.

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Event Photography

New year new prices for Event Photography.

Just to let everyone know that after this week our prices will change and time is running out if you want to save yourself some money.

Our event photo studio package is a fabulous way to let your guests have some fun and games in our mobile studio at your party, your company event or your wedding evening celebrations.
We’ve kept our prices as low as possible over the years so you’re still getting great value for money and great pictures to walk away with too! Anyone thinking of booking us for an event can still contact us this week and we’ll give you last years price of £250 if you confirm your booking with a small deposit to secure your date.

Call or email for details
(Better hurry if you want to grab yourself a bargain!)

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working overtime

Who’d have though working overtime would have been such good fun?

Here’s a group of people with the necessary skills to get things done.

Go to work
Finish work
Comb hair, apply makeup, change into corporate T-shirt
Grab a glass of fizzy or crack open a bottle of beer
Step in front of the cameras and just go for it!
Laugh at your pictures, re-shoot, have another drink, get more pics, laugh at everything.
Finish the nibbles then head out on the town for a great night out.

Now THAT’s a photoshoot.

My job is ACE!

Thank you guys for letting me into your offices and grabbing a snapshot of the real you. What a fab, vibrant lot you are. You made me smile.

If you and your company want real, happy faces on your website, all you have to do is call 0784 3099903 and book a session. We’ll do the rest.
All we need is some office space to set up our lights and backdrops and you just have to bring your best smile. Heck.. it’s up to you if you make it into a party.


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commercial photocommercial

Commercial stuff. It’s not all that easy. Floored!

Starting with a brief to photograph a floor. A very nice floor I’d have you notice. But still… I got floored.

I would never have imagined so much furniture needing to be shifted. I mean.. looking for a space to shoot without it being covered in chairs, tables, stools, baby seats, high chairs, benches and many more oddments of furniture. Makes you think about what goes into a pub these days.

Gotta admit, I never expected this when I took on the job.

Imagine a scene from a movie set.. as they’re preparing to shoot.

Ladders, drills, tool boxes, tarps, paint pots and a whole menagerie of workers jostling for space.
Boxes of brushes, buckets of mess. TV installers, electricians, chefs talking at me. Flippin heck! Aaargh.. where do I start? What do I focus on? (Hey I made a funny!)

But seriously, somehow I have to get a picture out of this mayhem and just look at the mess they’ve made. Drilling dust all over the place, paint drops on that beautiful oak and the whole place full of new recruits undergoing interviews, sitting in “my” chairs and eating at “my” tables! Waaah!



So between sweeping the floor and shifting all manor of tables and chairs to suit the composition I think I’ve had enough after two and a half hours of scrabbling amongst bar room decor and dodging co-workers to grab a shot. Don’t get me wrong these were very nice people, really nice.. but when you’re asked to shoot a floor you at least expect to see it.

At least my clients are happy with the results so I guess  all that work, all that effort, all that sweat was worth it working in a pub without beer.

Bugger this.. I need a drink.




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Headshot Hotshot

Headshot.. boom!

More and more businesses are dealing with an online presence so it’s important to show everyone who they’re dealing with.
A professional photo is a must, you want your clients to see who is doing business with them. Start with a face. Everyone likes a face.

Studio quality headshots are easily shot with the right equipment and know how. They don’t even need to be in a studio! Heck, in the space of your office or even your living room you too can get yourself in the frame and have great profile images for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Skype or your own website.

Get noticed. Get smart. Get a professional portrait.

It only takes a minute girl..

Staff Photography

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Large or small business? We provide all of your staff photography whatever the number and with no limit to the number of poses you can be sure of finding the right image for your needs.

Staff Photography

All images produced on your premises with minimal fuss and disruption to your working day.
Our studio comes to your office or home and solves your problem of having your staff take time out of the office to get the look you want in the most efficient way we can think of.

Sound good?

Go on.. let us shoot your staff.

Commercial Break

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Commercial Break..


Commercial Break .. not really.. just a pause between photoshoots.
With one or two additional sessions popped in there to keep everyone on their toes.

This is the 2nd time I’ve photographed these lovely people and my brief was a simple job of grabbing some new faces, updating some others and then capturing some “live” action around the office to provide them with some new material for use on their website. Sounds easy enough eh?..

Shooting ambient light has always been the photographers challenge, modern cameras are now much more capable at capturing an image in difficult conditions with super sensitivity always touted as the bees knees. It seems we have it all. Doesn’t always happens that way it seems.

I had a great bunch of willing models, loads of space.. and flippin’ ‘orrible British weather! Something you don’t think of as having any effect on indoor photography but hey.. go figure. We got some great shots. We created some beauties just right for putting up there on tha t’internet thing. Everything looked good. People were happy. High fives everywhere. But it just didn’t look sharp. Something didn’t gell.

So today we re-shot a few frames and because the sun was out and we had our happy hat on, we grabbed what we needed and finished the job. Yay!


Love my job. Whatever it takes.

I’m one happy photobunny.




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Focus on who you are and you’ll find people are already looking for you.
Google might be the bees knees at searching for what you’re looking for with all that key-wording and fancy search algorithms but there’s no better way to make sure your audience know they’ve found you than a great big smiling face to greet them on their results page.

Being “on-line” and getting found is big business.

Being seen is even bigger!

Get yourself photographed now! A face to greet your guests is so much better than pages of endless words and adds. Once your searchers know who they’re dealing with, they’ll spend more time listening to what you have to say. That’s gotta be good business.

Let everyone find out who you are. Create your online identity. Call us and arrange a portrait shoot and we’ll soon have you known.

Identity. Get yours!
  • photoshoot to produce a selection of profile images for promotional use for business, online and in print. No studios were harmed in the making of these images.

Corporate Image

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Advertising yourself is not as easy as publishing your holiday snaps on your business page.
Sometimes you need a corporate image, a point of contact, a face to see.

People deal with people and we expect to do business with someone we can connect with, a person, an approachable person, a professional and a trustworthy image. Not an invisible entity over a phone line or an internet connection.

Get to your customers visually.

Get a professional business portrait done.

If you want your clients to see who they’re dealing with then the solution is simple.. book an hour’s photoshoot with us in your chosen location and strut your stuff for our cameras. It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s cheap enough. It’s a winner. What more could you want?

Call 0784 3099903 and see how easy it is to make an impression.


corporate image