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2017-07-13T13:45:36+00:00May 18th, 2017|baby, events, portraits|

Oh Baby.. You’ve got it.

Since the moment you showed me your cup of Cheerio’s I knew you were star material.
You came up to the camera and made me focus, stopped me in my tracks and drew me into your eyes. Wow!

Models. They don’t grow on trees you know. You have to go through the training, put the effort in, work at it. You can’t just strut up and expect it all to just.. well.. happen! There’s a ton of stuff to learn –  Poise, composure, attitude, eye contact, confidence and STUFF! OK?

When I say “fold your arms”.. and you do it..

When I say “Look into the lens”.. and you do it..

When you grab a cushion and prop yourself on the table and tell me to shoot.. I DO IT!



Not bad Isla.. not bad.

We’ll work on that a little and maybe, just maybe you’ll have a future in the industry.

Just sayin’


Staff Photography

2017-07-13T13:45:36+00:00May 1st, 2017|business, headshots, portraits|

Large or small business? We provide all of your staff photography whatever the number and with no limit to the number of poses you can be sure of finding the right image for your needs.

Staff Photography

All images produced on your premises with minimal fuss and disruption to your working day.
Our studio comes to your office or home and solves your problem of having your staff take time out of the office to get the look you want in the most efficient way we can think of.

Sound good?

Go on.. let us shoot your staff.

Give me a break

2017-07-13T13:45:36+00:00April 29th, 2017|baby, events, portraits, video|

Another cake smash? Really? Give me a break!

Give me a break


There seems to be a demand for cake around here and it’s creating quite a stir amongst us 1 year old’s.
I mean.. we’re getting a little bit confused about it all.
One minute we’re told – no.. just a little. No.. no more. NO! Stop now!
Next we’re being told – Go On.. grab as much as you can, get in there!
Well, what do we do?

I’ve seen the cutie photos online. The ones with the fake background and balloons all around. Yeah.. they’re great. That’s not me. I know I’m supposed to look good while I’m being naughty. I can do that, but I’m not gonna. Whadya take me for?
If someone just thrusts a whopping great cake in front of me and wants me to have a go at the good stuff, then be prepared for carnage. I can really do THAT!


Unfortunately for this little lady, we can’t show the video we shot of this occasion. It wouldn’t be nice. Not nice at all. Too much mayhem. Too much violence to cake.
So much destruction and demolition. The poor white chocolate had no chance. Cracked, whacked, smacked and split like a.. er.. white chocolate cake should be. That cake had it coming. It really was a smash and grab. Those multi-coloured smarties inside never stood a chance. Gobbled in a few moments. A real mess.

We have the evidence. We have the footage. It will never be released for public viewing. There are some things we must keep private. Some things that aren’t meant for general release. These things are best kept for family viewing, private.. home stuff.. happy stuff.. fun stuff.
We hope that in future years you too will have to endure enjoy those moments when fully grown, sitting down with your family or perhaps a future partner and reliving the day through our video, when you were made to smash cake.

Cute? Ha!



2017-07-13T13:45:36+00:00April 28th, 2017|baby, events, portraits|

Cake.. smashing!

Well, what else do you suggest we do with it.. eat it? Hmmm…?

cake smash

Imagine if mum and dad plonk you down in front of your very own creamy dream sponge and encourage you to dive right in and do your best to demolish (devour) said cake.
Wouldn’t that be smashing? It sure would. Can’t think of a better way to spend a sunny afternoon with the family.

Here’s our recipe for your very own cake smash.

  1. Find a safe place preferably with easy clean surface  – this is gonna get messy – gardens or kitchen floors are a good start
  2. Use easy clean wipe down vinyl or plastic throw away sheets – you won’t regret it
  3. Undress and prepare at least one baby – don’t worry they’re washable
  4. Obtain one very soft, very creamy, very squishable confection – the creamier the better
  5. Place all ingredients together and stand back behind the photographer – be ready to duck when the sponge mix comes your way
  6. Shout, wave your arms and generally act like a total idiot to encourage the carnage that no doubt will occur
  7. If you have other small prepared participants throw them into the pot and persuade them to get creative, especially with the cream ingredient.
  8. Laugh a lot (obligatory)
  9. Get the hose ready (also obligatory)
  10. Enjoy those moments and make sure you get lots and lots of pictures for the family album.

Gotta love cake!


2017-07-13T13:45:36+00:00April 26th, 2017|weddings|

She’s getting hitched no matter the weather.
Rain and wind? Pfff..! Nothing is gonna put a damper on this day! So hoik up your skirts and get going girl.

Rain? Check!
Gale force winds? Yep!
Wind chill 4 degrees C? Uhuh!
Mud? Oh yeah!
Brambles? Yow!

I’m no sprinter, but even I have to applaud Shona’s race around the lake and back inside as a new record in wedding photography Olympic events.
She was back in the warmth, a drink in one hand and a dress full of stones, mud, leaves, brambles and twigs as a kind of reward for netting everything between Bagden Hall and the lake in her lace folds, before I fell through the door huffing and puffing with my cameras way behind her. Flippin ‘eck!

Still.. it was a cracking day! Inside and out.


Hitched.. what a beauty .

Mrs & Mr 🙂

Hitched.. lucky guy!

Thank you so much guys! We loved being there and are so proud to have been able to capture your day and give you some fabulous memories to look back on.
It was a pleasure to spend the whole day with you and your family, you made our job so much fun.

We’re so happy you’re finally hitched and together.

You Rock!


Commercial Break

2017-07-13T13:45:36+00:00November 23rd, 2016|business, portraits|

Commercial Break..


Commercial Break .. not really.. just a pause between photoshoots.
With one or two additional sessions popped in there to keep everyone on their toes.

This is the 2nd time I’ve photographed these lovely people and my brief was a simple job of grabbing some new faces, updating some others and then capturing some “live” action around the office to provide them with some new material for use on their website. Sounds easy enough eh?..

Shooting ambient light has always been the photographers challenge, modern cameras are now much more capable at capturing an image in difficult conditions with super sensitivity always touted as the bees knees. It seems we have it all. Doesn’t always happens that way it seems.

I had a great bunch of willing models, loads of space.. and flippin’ ‘orrible British weather! Something you don’t think of as having any effect on indoor photography but hey.. go figure. We got some great shots. We created some beauties just right for putting up there on tha t’internet thing. Everything looked good. People were happy. High fives everywhere. But it just didn’t look sharp. Something didn’t gell.

So today we re-shot a few frames and because the sun was out and we had our happy hat on, we grabbed what we needed and finished the job. Yay!


Love my job. Whatever it takes.

I’m one happy photobunny.




2017-07-13T13:45:36+00:00November 6th, 2016|business, headshots, portraits|


Focus on who you are and you’ll find people are already looking for you.
Google might be the bees knees at searching for what you’re looking for with all that key-wording and fancy search algorithms but there’s no better way to make sure your audience know they’ve found you than a great big smiling face to greet them on their results page.

Being “on-line” and getting found is big business.

Being seen is even bigger!

Get yourself photographed now! A face to greet your guests is so much better than pages of endless words and adds. Once your searchers know who they’re dealing with, they’ll spend more time listening to what you have to say. That’s gotta be good business.

Let everyone find out who you are. Create your online identity. Call us and arrange a portrait shoot and we’ll soon have you known.

Identity. Get yours!
  • photoshoot to produce a selection of profile images for promotional use for business, online and in print. No studios were harmed in the making of these images.

Corporate Image

2017-07-13T13:45:36+00:00October 13th, 2016|business, portraits|

Advertising yourself is not as easy as publishing your holiday snaps on your business page.
Sometimes you need a corporate image, a point of contact, a face to see.

People deal with people and we expect to do business with someone we can connect with, a person, an approachable person, a professional and a trustworthy image. Not an invisible entity over a phone line or an internet connection.

Get to your customers visually.

Get a professional business portrait done.

If you want your clients to see who they’re dealing with then the solution is simple.. book an hour’s photoshoot with us in your chosen location and strut your stuff for our cameras. It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s cheap enough. It’s a winner. What more could you want?

Call 0784 3099903 and see how easy it is to make an impression.


corporate image


Family selfies

2017-07-13T13:45:36+00:00September 26th, 2016|events, portraits|

Taking family selfies certainly adds variety to your portfolio.
But when there’s a 68 year gap between new and old it’s gotta be worth the effort.

My past, my present, my happiness, my life.. this is my blood. I love them all. I’m so glad we could do this.

The Chapmans.. so far.

family photos

Ladies.. it’s your turn next. Get ready.




2017-07-13T13:45:36+00:00September 14th, 2016|Graduation, portraits|

Graduate in your family with honours. Your Mum & Dad will love it!


Even if you’ve missed the university photographer, you’ve still a chance to make your parents proud after the ceremony with a home shoot that’s sure to make ’em smile.
Grab yourself some bonus points and book a home shoot with your gown and mortar. It’s cheaper than the official flash, bang, wallop and you’ll have a selection of smug shots to use as gifts right through to Christmas. It’s gotta be worth a shot.

Graduation portraits. Get ’em while you can.